May it respect the land it sits upon and celebrate the cultures who call it home. Featuring a temezcal sweat lodge, Huichol art and through hiring local healers, chefs and gardeners.

May it operate with as little negative impact on the planet as possible, using renewable power sources, responsible water usage and permaculture land use theory. 



May it help to quiet and still the mind.

May it invite a turn inwards, inspire a journal entry or meditation session

May it invite small gatherings and conversations in 2’s and 3’s

May it highlight the essential through minimalist interior design and clutter free hidden storage   



May it invite rest, reflection and naps in pillow adorned nooks and shaded hammocks in the breeze

May it invigorate through plunge pools, fresh ocean air and use of natural light.



May it nourish and provide healthy food with an onsite garden and open concept kitchen

May it highlight the 5 elements of earth, air, fire, water and space.


May it reflect a contemporary, yet, cozy aesthetic, created through a balance of opposites: cool concrete warmed with honey brown exposed beams, vaulted thatch roofs, and splashes of brightly coloured artisanal art.