I believe there's a flame inside you... 

A sacred fire that determines your ability to express your gifts to the world.

But today, that fire is in danger.

sedentarism, stress, low grade food, a lack of community and a gradual separation from nature – modern realities that characterize our society – have all but extinguished this flame. 

'Progress' at what cost and by whose definition?

While we have the internet, self driving cars and space travel, 67% of North Americans today are overweight, 1 in 2 will contract cancer and 1 in 10 is on antidepressants.

THE REALITY WE have to WAKE UP TO IS THAT there is an ANIMAL AT THE centre OF this civilization experiment, and its needs have largely been forgotten, 

Because once upon a time, chihuahuas too were wolves.


A reality we overlook is that Our species, homo sapians, is 200,000 years old – While our technology evolves at a breakneck pace, We're still running the same biological blueprint as these formidable hunter gatherers below. 

Which means we have a choice.

we can choose a path that leads us further into domestication, depression and disease...

Or we can choose A path that gradually restores our lost resilience – a path that inspires us to become mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually strong. 

And I believe we must, you must, choose that path.

Our planet doesn't need more 'successful' people, we need people with roaring inner fires, able to cast their light and warmth into the cold dark places of the world.

My Name is John Huddart and I am a health coach and a fire keeper. 

As a health coach I work to address the somatic, physical threats to our flame, While As a fire keeper I look to the mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles.

In my experience, a holistic mind/body/spirit experience of health is achieved through this multi pronged approach. 

Curious what this looks like?