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A 15 minute walk from the bohemian surf pueblo of Sayulita, lies an intimate beachfront retreat space catering to the healing arts. This wellness centre offers workshops from the best and brightest in the holistic health scene.

Sayulita Retreat INSPIRATION




To help the Sayulita Retreat live up to its vision we have taken business model, brand and programming inspiration from some of the most successful retreats in the industry.

We've highlighted a few of these retreats below and have highlighted what about their offering we most admire.


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HOLLYHOCK - Cortes Island, BC

Hollyhock is perhaps the leading retreat centre of it's kind in Canada.

Its programming features leaders in across the spectrum with experiences in physical wellness such as Wim Hof breathing and kundalini yoga, to inner work like dream analysis and Jungian shadow psychology, but also spirituality via both eastern and western traditions, as well as social change and new paradigm workshops inspiring tomorrows leaders while also supporting the arts through writing, film, photography and more.

OUR TAKEAWAY: As a retreat venue, intent on deepening connections with self, nature, spirit and community we too envision programming that features a wide breadth of practitioners. 

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Perhaps the most widely known retreat centre of its kind, as well as being one of the oldest, the Esalen institute is synonymous with the transformative experiences retreats are known for.

OUR TAKEAWAY: Similar to Hollyhock we love the range of programming this retreat attracts but also the way that it highlights the natural beauty of the landscape and has worked with the land in design of the space. Esalen also features a spa and hydrotherapy bath experience that we would like to create our own version of.

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THE HAVEN - Gabriola Island, BC

While the Haven offers a bunch of different retreats they are most well known for something called "Come Alive," a signature 5 day retreat that promises to wake up mind, body, heart and spirt – it's an offering they have crafted over many years and is their bread and butter.

OUR TAKEAWAY: We love the idea of hosting our own signature retreat experience that highlights our own areas of interest. A lite version of such a retreat would evolve and grow along side our team and personal interest.

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  • This retreat is set to expand into it's 5th country.
  • It's been voted best women's yoga retreat in the world. 
  • They have great wellness programming that covers mind/bodyspirit and a unique offering via their focus on women
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  • The ethos and philosophy of this retreat is awesome
  • They've got the BOHO chic appeal
  • The Papaya Project is a bigger retreat that the Sayulita Retreat but it offers great looking food/lodging/spa/wellness experiences that we can draw from.
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YAAN Wellness Spa - TuLUM MEXICO

  • This spa offers a unique experience in line with the services the sayulita retrat would like to offer including a temezcal.
  • We also love their business branding and website
  • We also love their pool and outdoor spa area which feature minimalist and modern design


This is a wellness retreat so privacy and a natural setting are muy importante!

That said we're also seeking to maximize the number of rooms and buildings we can have on the property, so while we would like to keep a feel of a lush jungle and the privacy it affords throughout the space, we do want to max out the density which, given our bylaws means 8 total units.

Ideally we want to sandwich 6 casitas or bungalows which have 1-2 bedrooms in each, between two larger structures, one for us to welcome guests in and for us to live on the second floor and another next to the water which will boast a kitchen, common area and workshop space.

As the slope falls 100 feet from the highest point to the shore it may be possible for every unit to have an ocean view with balconies facing South West to get the sunset view.


  • The Sayulita retreat has 2 large casitas for group workshops/meals
  • The Sayulita retreat has 6 casitas or bungalo houses
  • Each guest house can be configured for single or double occupancy while 1 guest house can be converted to a dormitory style to allow for higher occupancy (8 beds)
  • The layout of the buildings seeks to conform to the slope and use tiered construction where appropriate to offer views to all structures,
  • Upon arrival at the top of the property there is a welcome area/office in a large palapa, beside which there is parking (4 cars, 2 golf carts) and above there is the private residence of Christina and John
  • From the entry there is a wandering path that leads guest to their rooms and eventually to the ocean, pool and common space (dining/workshop areas).


The Sayulita Retreat is a wellness space – people come here to relax, and to feel at ease. This isn't a hotel, there is none of the staleness of checking in. Ideally clients will feel at home here – they are here to relax and heal.  

Ideally the architecture and design helps put clients at ease while inspiring them into greater wellbeing.

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Minimalist Yet Elegant

The architectural style we're going for here is simple, understated and functional.  Open concept floor plans that highlight cement and wood in natural tones with splashes of colour from local artisanal textiles and crafts

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Open Air

The fresh ocean air is a serious asset to the retreat. Wherever possible spaces can have unobstructed views of the ocean, windowless windows and doorless doors.

Using cement to create window frames, sunken patios and built in benches and beds to create a seemless look and feel.

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Intimate and cozy

Wherever possible we would like for people to feel cozy – spaces that'll inspire a nap, reading a book, or meditation.

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Ideally customizable for either single or double occupancy the rooms are open air and use ceiling fans, furniture is often built in and close to the ground constructed of natural materials with splashes of colour, cement, palapa roods and wooden accents.



An open concept kitchen will allow for culinary classes and workshops while a large table acts as both an island and a dining area.

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Muted tones are complimented by splashes of colour featuring local artisinal textiles and crafts. They call this style bohemian chic – it uses natural materials like wool that create cozy areas through contrasting them with cooler materials like cement.




The existing jungle on the lot is an awesome start.

The existing trees provide a ton of natural sun cover and are a unique feature of the property.

With the landscaping we'd love to create privacy for the units but keep common areas as open and expansive as possible. 

We would love to grow a vegetable garden that would supply our kitchen with fresh lettuces, avocado, mango and papaya.



More BOHO chic, using natural materials and creating areas that make you want to nap or converse and learn

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Modular open air studio space suitable for yoga, tai chi, chi gong as well as, natural movement or functional movement work.



The spa of Sayulita retreat reflects the holistic vision of the retreat.

Traditional spa therapies like massage will be offered but also offer alternative healing via reiki, accupuncture, hot/cold therapy and temezcal: a shamastic healing ceremony of the local Huichol peoples.