Man to Man Coaching

This relationship begins with an in person meeting and a meaty intake form – through which I get to know you, your hurdles and your goals.

After which we'll build your personalized roadmap into wellbeing.

When we can line it up I coach in person: these one-on-one sessions take place in the oceans, rivers and forests of Vancouver, BC, Whistler, BC, the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island and as of November 2018, Sayulita, Mexico.

I supplement in person sessions with phone and Skype coaching.

Here I use video lesson content and encourage clients to get out for a walk and movement in nature during out call. At the end of the call we fill out your Health Map – an intentional map to your week that outlines commitments in diet, movement, recovery, mindset and more.

Typically a session combines movement and conversation.

Examples of movement:

  • Lifting and carrying techniques perhaps while balancing on logs and stones
  • Routines to develop a strong posterior chain and combat sitting fatigue
  • Barefoot walking and running technique
  • Various forms of breath work, cold plunging

Examples of conversation:

  • Following an ancestral or traditional diet
  • Creating routines to manage energy levels and proactively dispel stress
  • Transitioning safely to barefoot and minimalist footwear
  • Cooking organ meats, meal planning and eating out safely
  • Navigating relationships by cultivating honesty and intimacy
  • Achieving an ancestral way of life in an urban environment
  • Learning to stay fit without 'working out'

The Commitment:   

I've had clients work with me for several years and also gotten what they need in as little as 8 sessions. I offer coaching in bundles of 8 sessions and currently bill out @100/hr.

Ready to drop the status quo?

Are you curious what your roadmap looks like?

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Chop Wood Carry Water

Unplug from the busyness of your life and connect deeply with yourself, your body and the natural world. The Chop Wood Carry Water program is a deep dive that will accelerate your personal health transformation.

And Man – is it fun.

Together we'll engage headlong with the surrounding wilderness of Vancouver Island – you'll grow stronger and develop a host of ancestral health skills while also delving into your story, the nature of your mind and what matters to you: why are you here? What are you passionate about? What holds you back?

A typical daily routine includes the movement and conversation focus of Man To Man coaching above but offers a wider and deeper experience.

Morning Itinerary

  • Meditation, gentle movement and breath work before breakfast
  • Trail building on our 50 acre farm with axe, chainsaw and pick before a cold water plunge in the creek
  • Lunch of farm fresh eggs and greens from the garden


  • Post lunch siesta our choice of mountain biking, paddle boarding, hiking or a river swim.
  • Back home to split firewood, enjoy a wood fired sauna and plunge before a farm cooked dinner and conversation
  • Enjoy a restful sleep in the quiet of your forrest bunkhouse.

Next intake is Spring 2019


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