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After a decade of burning the midnight oil, working hard and playing harder, I had a near death experience  – It took me a full year to realize the reality that the way I was living wasn't the least bit sustainable and it was affecting my health, my friends, my employees and my family.

I knew I had to make a change, but I couldn’t do it on my own. 

I didn't know John all that well but he was the fittest and healthiest guy I knew of. So it was a no brainer for me to enrol in a 12 week course he was offering that was about managing stress and creating a healthier lifestyle. 

This was my first taste of what John could teach me. I found John to be a patient, passionate and super well informed guide on everything to do with healthier living.

I was seriously hooked.

In the last 3 years, John has become my guide, my close friend and my partner in a life long pursuit of a healthier life. 

I cannot underline how critical John’s coaching has been to every part of my life, I will be ever grateful for the path he has helped me blaze. 


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I’ve been working with John for about 16 months now, after reconnecting with him on a trip to Alaska. I can be thankful to the universe for crossing our paths then, as the past year especially I’ve experienced some of the most profound growth in my life. After becoming very disconnected from my physical and emotional self, from nature, and from some of my core values, I found my body breaking down, I was dipping in and out of depression and felt like I’d tried everything I could on my own. I was lost and really unsure of how to get myself out of the hole I’d dug.

Since working with John, there’s been an increasingly bright light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been consistently impressed and in awe of the sheer amount of information and knowledge he has ready at any moment, and his hunger to keep learning has also been inspiring. I feel through forging his own path, I’ve been able to draft behind him and reap a lot of the rewards for his hard work. 

His guidance has varied from diet and physical activities, body science, mythology, therapy, getting back in touch with my emotional self and my body, also a crucial reconnection with nature and being present each day. John has been hands on with me, as well as somewhat of a guide from afar. He knows when to point me to somebody more specialized, or to the right book at the right time, and has given me such a wide range of experiences and learning along the way.

Our relationship feels much deeper than I would have imagined a year and half ago, and I’ve seen more progress and learned much more than I had expected as well. It’s been an incredible 16 months and I’m excited to continue to grow with John’s help and guidance as a coach and a friend.

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John has been my coach for a couple of years now. During this time, I've been identifying, treating and recovering from a chronic illness. It has been a very challenging time and I'm grateful for John's guidance and unwavering support.

As a coach, John wears many hats. He has a gift of compassion and deep listening. John was able to show up in a deeply caring and open way on many of my darkest days, offering solace, hope and friendship. 

John has also heavily influenced many areas of my life, from the shoes that I wear, to the way that I run, to the foods that I nourish my body with. His unique approach to diet, fitness and lifestyle combines the best of ancient wisdom and modern scientific understanding. 

You will leave his sessions with a deeper understanding of yourself, with meaningful questions to ponder, and with practical tools to improve your wellbeing.